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For the longest time I wanted to join We <3 it (Beware, there happens to be a lot of nudity in my stream… What can I say: I love women 😀 ). A few days ago I finally did. I like the simplicity of the site and the concept of it. Whatever you run into: If you like it, you can heart it! Simple.

Since I’m such a sucker for ‘beauty in one frame‘ I happen to heart a lot of stuff. That’s where the We <3 it bookmarklet comes in handy. I love that thing! It’s probably my most clicked bookmark in the past few days. However, I noticed quickly that this bookmarklet does not come without any bugs… Only part of the images in a page were ‘heartable‘. And what is even more annoying: when I run into a cool picture in one of my RSS feeds I have to open the URL before I can (try to) submit it using the bookmarklet.

So that workflow kinda didn’t suit me… I figured I could create an OSX dashboard widget that fixes this problem… So I did.

It’s simple: If somewhere you run into an image that is served from the web, you just drag the image (from your webbrowser, your RSS feed, your email client, your IM client, etc) into your dashboard, drop it on the widget… Magic happens… and it’s hearted!

It’s simplicity in a box! I love simple! Simple is good!
Anyway: I thought I might share this with you, guys and girls. Some of you might actually have use for this, too.

Download: Click


  1. Submitting images using this widget results in entry titles taken from the filenames of the images you drop onto the widget.
  2. The source (blogpost, article, Flickr set, etc) of the file will never point to the actual page where the image originally resides. It will point straight to the original image location.



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  1. Sarah

    Cool, thx!

  2. Jonas

    Didn’t know about the site until know; seems productive. Though I’m getting lost in my many accounts (image spark, flickr, deviantART, vimeo, …).

    Their site seems slow though…


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