Updated version of Playr

It took a while… A long while… Like… A year.
But I finally updated Playr and made actual plans for V3. Thanks again for all of your great support and feedback during the past year! It really means a lot to me!

It was really great to see how Playr popped up on different blogs; Sometimes mentioned as part of a project/experiment, sometimes mentioned in lists of handy AS3 classes. That really made me happy and it inspired me to add even more features, and make it even more useful. But those are to yet to be built 😉

For now I just fixed a few bugs and I added a pretty important feature which wasn’t there yet: the debug property. Set debug to true and Playr will trace any errors that occur without breaking your app, without you having to listen to these errorEvents.

I also changed the shuffle internals (I still wonder what I was thinking when I wrote a ‘setShuffle’ instead of simple getters/setters…) and as far as I know: Nothing seems broken after updating old projects using Playr to the new Playr version (but I’ve been wrong before…).

And the last thing I want to mention: I changed the way Playr handles stream errors. The old version would just skip the track, and try again later. However I think the new implementation is better: The ‘broken’ track just gets removed from the playlist before proceeding to the next track.

So there you go: It’s online, it’s free, it’s open-source, it’s for you to use and save time!
(And it’s created by me, so you’ll probably find bugs sooner or later: Do tell me about them and I’ll look into fixing them 😉 )

Happy playing!

Playr Site: Playr.noCreativity.com
Download Playr: Click
Playr Documentation: Playr.noCreativity.com/docs


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. WernerL

    Nice work Ronny ! I already used your Playr class before with pleasure.

  2. Greg

    Hey Ronny,

    Leuk om te zien dat een mede MCT-er (ik zit dan wel in A’pen op school ;)) Het zo ver heeft geschopt! Mooie site heb je hier, en verdomd handige flash app.

    Ik heb echter een vraagje aan jou…

    Ik zit al enkele dagen op het web te surfen en te proberen de ‘playr’ aan de praat te krijgen. Ik heb al hulp gevraagd op http://www.flashfocus.nl maar met weinig resultaat…

    Zou jij eens even kunnen kijken wat ik fout doe?


    is de link des onheils :P. Daar staat alle informatie en ook een .rar file waar je de fla en bijbehorende bestanden in kunt vinden (3e of 4e post ergens).

    Bedankt alvast,

  3. vitaLee

    one tiny thing i noticed is that Playr instances are not dispatching PlayrEvent.NEXT_TRACK and PlayrEvent.PREV_TRACK. generally it would be a good idea to have PlayrEvent.TRACK_CHANGED.
    i’d like to thank you for this wonderful library. It’s very quick to work with and saved me a lot of work.
    thanks again 😉


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