Riveurs enjienrd

In case you have trouble pronouncing that title: It’s a phonetical version of ‘reverse engineered’. This clip is intense, I swear. It’s full of detail. It’s full of agressive cuts, lots of post editing and color correction. I love the overexposure from the sky. Really helps the illusion of making it look real.
I don’t really know if the author is trying to tell a story here but I was fully taken in from the first second. I’m totally intrigued. What I especially love about this piece is it engages with your subconsciousness. You see so much stuff for only fractions of seconds. A lot of those cuts appear and disappear so fast, you don’t actually get the time to realize you see them but you know you did. You don’t get the time to take in the shots and form an idea about what you see. Your brain just gets overloaded with information without driving you totally nuts. Oh and on that note: If you’re susceptible to epileptic seizures… You might wanna hold off this one. For everyone else: Enjoy!

[iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/24967117?byline=0&portrait=0&color=ffff00″ width=”580″ height=”326″ frameborder=”0″]


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  1. Mark

    Video doesnt work here (movie not loaded), because there is a awesome datatype in your html:

    object width=”580″ height=”326″ type=”application/futuresplash”


  2. Ronny

    Strange! It works just perfect, right here?
    What browser are you using?

  3. Greet

    Video doesn’t load here either (just a white rectangle), but it does load in Google Reader! Weird! (I’m on Windows 7, Firefox 4.0.1)

  4. Ronny

    Hi Greet! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into it!

  5. Ronny

    Alright, I had the same issue in Firefox. Fixed it! Thanks for the heads up guys!


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