Realtime painting with light

If you haven’t ever heard about ‘light painting‘ by now, you’ve probably lived on another planet (or you don’t read my blog! You bad bad boy!) or you simply haven’t come across anything that caught your eye yet…
Well wait no longer, because the following video shows you exactly what light painting is about.

I think it’s a creative idea… However their complicated way of explaining what they did kinda makes it look harder than it actually is (which is never a good thing).

Anyway: seeing the above reminded me about a little experiment I did about a year ago. I created a Flash movie that accesses the webcam and does some bitmapdata magic. The result is realtime light painting!

“What does that look like?”
See below!

“Can I try?”
Yes you can! Just make sure you’re in a dark room. 😉

Feel free to show some of your results!


A friend of mine asked me to share the source, so here goes! Click!
(I really should start sharing my source right away… I’m way too lazy)


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  1. Florian

    This stuff is gold!
    Keep ’em cool experiments heading our way 🙂

  2. Ryan Hilton

    This light drawing looks great. I have developed something similar, only in the light, and it captures all instead of just the lit sections.

    At the moment it’s still in the “functional yet not complete” stage.

  3. Ben Thorn

    hey this would be so good if the image resolution was bigger, like full screen, could you do that? maybe have a version where you hide the buttons and just use the hotkeys?

  4. Annemarie Griffiths

    Please, please can you tell me how that drawing of a stick man video was created?.
    I am currently in my third year of university and have chosen to base my final project on painting with light, which i know how to do using stills and stop animation but i really really want to create a realtime light painting video. I’ve been trying hard to find out how but it’s just not happening!.
    PLEASE help me?!. x


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