Radio Soulwax: Machine

This is probably the coolest trailer I have EVER seen. I can’t tell where reality stops and CGI begins. It’s kind of a trailer for their Radio Soulwax thing! And you know what? It worked! I’ve been listening to (and sometimes watching) Radio Soulwax for the last few hours and I’m loving it!

I love the way you can see the entire process of existing music being transformed into new audio goodness. Old records get dumped into The Machine which are then melted and filtered through a breathtaking lady. The endresult is what you hear on Radio Soulwax. Very very cool!

I’d love to see a ‘behind the scenes‘ of this clip. I’m so intrigued by the machines used here and I can’t stop wondering which parts are real and which ones are not. Can’t seem to find anything though. Too bad! 🙁

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  1. Andrew Daffy

    There are discussions about us doing a ‘making of’. However, there’s a lovely school of thought I heard recently that says not everything should be revealed and that to see the nuts and bolts spoils the finished result. Like seeing Hangover 2 after Hangover 1. Or seeing how the woman gets cut in half. What do you think?

    Andrew Daffy – VFX Supervisor, Soulwax Machine.

  2. Ronny

    Hi Andrew!

    You’re right: The magician should never reveal the trick. However I do love seeing the process of VFX guys and the hoops they jump through -without the rest of the world ever knowing it- just to make us go ‘Wow!! 😐 ‘ 😉
    So feel free to reveal a few things to make us go ‘Oooooh… :o’.

  3. Andrew Daffy

    I’m thinking of showing some behind the scenes clips, photo’s from shoots, and previz. but in a random collage-y way so it’s not overly verbose. I’ll let you know what takes.

    (Your security question for postings is asking below 1 x 1 = ?… that’s a tricky one.)


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