Open Microphone pt 1

mikerophoneIf you’ve come by here a few times you know I have been experimenting with computeSpectrum and webcam motion detection. At a given moment I wanted to combine the 2 of them in order to use voice commands in order to make stuff happen on the screen. That would be pretty badass, right?

However I soon learned the microphone feed didn’t go through the SoundMixer of the Flash Player, therefor would would not be able to be analyzed. There was a workaround with FMS/RED5 and bouncing the stream off the server but that’s rather overkill (not to mention the lag).

Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow were in Paris the other day where they demoed/demo’ed/demo-ed (how the hell do you spell that word??) a few new features of the upcoming AIR release. If you don’t already know, you’ll probably have guessed it by now but (just to be crystal clear): The microphone is accesible for computeSpectrum in the AIR runtime. Check out the demo on Lee’s blog 🙂

Lee stated on his blog he couldn’t talk about this feature being brought to the Flash Player, but I’m pretty confident Adobe will do so 😉
Even though I’m not much of an AIR developer, I like the idea of having access to both microphone and camera… I can image a few cool applications using those features… 😀

By the way: If you don’t already know: there’s a great site with all kinds of intresting articles on the subject. If you’re interested, make sure to check it out: getMicrophone().


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