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If you haven’t heard about the latest developments between Apple and Samsung, you probably lived on another planet (or you just don’t care enough about this kind of geek news). Apple has filed injunctions in multiple countries and continents in the world against Samsung and their latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which is supposed to be an iPad killer. Apple’s intentions are to prohibit Samsung from selling the tablet in Australia, Europe and other regions in the world.

First off: That thing is no iPad killer. Even if it had guns and rocket launchers to take care of the big rival that is the iPad. It’s the same price (or even more expensive), the user experience is nothing special compared to the iPad, nor does it provide you with anything you really really need. Again: iPad killers are not just copies of the iPad with a different name tag. Those are just copies.

And that’s what those injunctions are about. Apple doesn’t like where Samsung is going with their tablet business. Granted: The Galaxy Tab does look a lot like the iPad. I’m not a expert on the case but you gotta hand it to Apple: They’ve got a point.

However: That does not mean that people shouldn’t be allowed to have the choice. If my friend likes Android and is looking forward to buying a Galaxy Tab, then he should be able to do just that. Blocking consumers from buying what they want is not cool. Forcing them to buy the iPad instead is not cool. Making them pay a lot of money (yes, 500-800€ is not an inconsiderable amount of money) to buy a device they don’t even really want and then not give them everything they were looking for (they wanted an Android device for a reason…) is not good business. Does Apple really need that kind of customers? People that were forced into buying iDevices because competitors were blocked out of the market? No.

Apple should let Samsung just go right ahead and come to an agreement (for example, Apple gets 10% of every device sold). Apple always stated they put their customers in the first place. Why not have the same decency and treat other people just as well. Apple was all about choice. So why can’t those Android fanboys have their way with the Galaxy Tab? They have been waiting eagerly for that device just as much as Apple fanboys have been waiting for the iPhone 5.

You have no right to limit the choice of non-Apple customers because of a mistake made by your competitors. Those people did nothing wrong. I see where you have issues with Samsung; most of us do. So take it out on Samsung: make them pay or whatever.
But let consumers buy whatever they want. That is cool.


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. doolbr

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks a lot like iPad. Especially if you look at it from this angle:

    There’s a story behind this though, Apple first accused Samsung because their products resemble the iProducts a lot. It’s called protecting your investments/research/patents. As a result, Samsung had to show their products to Apple prior to releasing then. And then the ball got rolling and Samsung sues Apple for infringing their patents (wireless/mobile mailing) and saying they had to see Apple products first too. From one thing lead another and this is just another step in their big fight.
    Personally, I think they are now behaving like two kids, and none of then want to stop the fight. It doesn’t really matter who started it, was it Apple because they accused Samsung? Or was it Samsung who blatantly copied the design without changing some significant things? Because when you do that, you can expect that the original designer won’t leave it as it is… I think you as a deviner should know that 😉

    By the way, commisions on every Galaxy Tab device for Apple is also not a very good idea, it gives google the right again to whine about how bad other companies in their point of view are…

  2. Ronny

    Patent infringement cases and Apple (or Samsung for that matter) ‘protecting their inventions’ was okay to some level. I think it’s their right to protect their own innovations and motivate their competitors to come up with their own stuff. I don’t mind that. (For the record: I did not say I like the patent system as is. In fact: I think it’s bullshit. I tweeted that not too long ago actually 😀 )
    However, trying to block the global market from being able to buy whatever device Samsung is shipping is wrong. It’s wrong because Apple is preventing consumers from buying what they believe is a great product.
    Apple and Samsung need to settle this in court or behind their desks or outside while having some lunch or something. Anywhere as long as it’s not in the face of customers.
    I like the “2 kids analogy”. And it’s true: We don’t care who started it. But we do care where this is going. Their problem is effectively becoming our problem.


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