If you were to buy a suit…

Let’s just say you were about to have the most important meeting of your life. A meeting that will possibly change everything about your career, your family, your future… Would you try to save money on the suit you’d wear for the occasion? Or would you go for the highest value quality suite you could get your hands on and leave nothing up to chance?

That’s right: You’d pick the best suit you could get your hands on; even if it is expensive. You need to make sure you look good. You’re not just making sure the suit fits; No, the fabric needs to be right. The way the color reacts to the light matters. You’d have a tailor come by the day before and make sure everything is still looking perfect. You’d even go the extra mile and pay a stylist to make sure your hair looks good, that your beard is shaved perfectly and that your appearance makes a statement: “I’m here and I’m very much ready. Bring it”. It’s got to be perfect.

So why do people look at quotes for their new website for their business and decide for the cheaper one because the other quote is too expensive? Would a bride pick a dress because it’s cheaper?

A cheap developer is an expensive developer.

You have to understand that a website is not just a website. It’s what it represents: The potential to change everything. The potential to turn visitors into business. If your website just sits there, then paying a large sum of money might not be worth it to you. But if that same amount of money could turn your website into a major revenue stream, then all of a sudden it becomes a bargain. What is this worth to you? This is what we call strategic value.

Of course there will always be budget constraints. But that doesn’t mean budget should decide who to partner with and what for. You should consider long term investment, maintainability, quality of code, the efficiency with the budget and the strategic value. Look beyond the numbers. Educate yourself so you understand what people are trying to sell you. Then you can understand what the price means and what value it stands for. And then, you can make an educated decision.

I’m not saying that a more expensive proposal is always better. But cheaper is sure as hell not always better.


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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