Hotel 626

Yesterday, Frédérick showed me this site which, I think, really is a perfect example of a first class web experience. I’ve seen lots of sites which could’ve been easily built in simple HTML and still deliver the same experience.
This however has more of a ported Resident Evil game and is nowhere near something we used to call a ‘website’. In fact calling this ‘a website’ is kind of an insult to the people who worked on this project.

Hotel 626 aka Hotel Six-to-Six daily opens its vitual doors between 6PM and 6AM, just to make sure you’re viewing the site in the evening or even at night (and believe me: I played this in the dark, with the volume turned up, and it scared the sh## out of me!)
The cool thing about Hotel 626 is the extraordinary interactivity. I’ve seen cool things online, but this beats it all. I mean: when was the last time you had to sing a lullaby in order to progress in the game on the web?

Make sure you check this out, it’s really amazing!

Hotel 626: Click


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. jopher reuben alcantara


  2. Newton

    I’m playing it for the first time tonight.
    Wish me luck 🙂

  3. MegaMagnum

    hi dude. Game is really freaky yo! It took time for me to get to sleep from the thought of the game!

  4. Ronny

    lol! I’m glad you liked it. Good night, sweet dreams 😉

  5. Bloodrage

    hi there! can i download this game?

  6. sue

    hey i don seem to b able to open it…
    it sound damn cool…
    i wanna play but cant

  7. jonvel

    Hey Ronnie, can i download this game to my pc and play it offline so i dont have to wait for the loading… thing..?

  8. dandan

    pwede ngayo ko passcode sa stage 8

  9. Miguel

    Hi Everyone. You know, Hotel 626 is REALLY DANG SCARY! It took sometime for me to calm my mind and get to sleep just by thinking of all the freaky ghosts that appeared in the game. It was my cousin who told it to me then i told my best friend. like me he was also freaked out! To all those who are gonna play, i wish you a peaceful bedtime

  10. Ronny

    Haha, Miguel. I hear ya. Been there myself :p

  11. Vanja

    Hey…I played the game…it’s so cool…i love that’s stuf…ronny i have a question for you…
    How i play a game at night,because my room is closed 6pm to 6am??
    I hope you understend me because my english is not good :))
    please answer me…thank you

  12. htet min thu

    how to down load this game please tell me download link this games

  13. hotel 626

    You can play the game outside of 6pm to 6am by changing your PC clock setting, thanks to Hotel 626 Wikipedia for pointing this out

  14. Kaje

    I drank 3 bottles of beer just to sleep after I played this game!

  15. Renee

    OMG On Level 3 It Is So Scary As

  16. sidisit


    Can some one tell me why I can’t get the game to play. I filled in the form with my webcam and it keeps on sending and going no further.
    I really would like to play the game Help me.
    And is asylum 626 also still playable?
    Hope to hear from anybody soon.

  17. Peter

    In case you haven’t figured it out yet by your self: The game is not available anymore because a 7 year old played it and harmed herself…
    Hotel 626 and Asylum 626 will therefor only be available on Halloween 🙁

  18. Mister


  19. Jase

    Is it true that we can only play this game on Halloween? I’ve been trying to play this game for a few months now but I can never seem to get onto the page.

  20. George Byers

    Hi, I have noticed that whenever I try to load Hotel626 website, it loads for like 40 seconds then says “Webpage not available” 🙁 is there a way to fix this?

  21. Me

    Doritos made this game forever ago


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