Hello Preso!

I have worked on this about a year ago. I made this as a project for an exam. Afterwards I felt it wasn’t finished yet so I decided to work on it someday again… This has been on my todo-list for several months now and a few weeks ago I decided to get it over with.

Anyway, the point: This is Preso! It’s kind of an Adobe Connect clone, built with Flex 4 and Red5. It allows you to have a presentation online.
You start a room, upload some images (that go with your presentation), start the webcam/audio stream and share the direct link with your friends or your audience and go! Here’s a little demo that should give you an idea.

Feel free to check it out! Let me know what you think of it!


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. Mark

    Wow great application! I like the clean interface, the green is a nice choice. I think this is a good start already. Does it use P2P (Adobe Cirrus) for streaming/chatting? Working with realtime video using flash is such great good performing technology.
    Would love to see deeplinking in it, and maybe look into some ‘public rooms’ without knowing any presentation name.

  2. Ronny

    What kind of deeplinking do you refer to?
    Like linking directly to a room?
    I’ll enable listing of the rooms. I was thinking about that too 🙂

  3. Manuel M

    Wao, its impresive, do you think that it could be possible to customize colors and logo? Of course, even if we need to pay. Im starting to work with red5, im only a computer amateur, and i hope you can help me with one question, what system requeriments do i need to have a streaming with red5 and 100 viewers, im talking about cpu, ram. thanks so much.

  4. Ronny

    Hi Manuel,

    Currently I’m not working on Preso anymore. For one: Because I really should start building this app from scratch. So customizing stuff won’t be in the near future of this version of Preso.

    About system requirements: I actually wouldn’t know. I think you should just try it and see where you end up. Try inviting as many friends as possible to a streaming video room and see when it crashes. Feel free to NOT try that with my server 😉

    Good luck!

  5. Dee

    Hi there,

    Great work. Interested on working on a similiar-ish app for a business startup. Goes above and beyond this.

    Message me: damack1@hotmail.com


  6. deived

    Is there source code download of your code?


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