Getting started with Red5

If you ever wanted to get started with Red5 and actually start creating apps for/with it, you know how hard it is to finally make it work for the first time. I decided to create a few tutorials that help you get started by sharing everything I learned using The Internet, messing around and having great lecturers at school. 😉 Here’s the first step: Setting up Red5 and Eclipse so you can do what matters which is ‘creating stuff‘.

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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. gaurav

    its really a very nice work u have done sir………….because i was finding this kind of help for a very long time.

    I wonder why red5 ppl are not providing this kind of help although they have created such a nice server……

    thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. gaurav

    thank u so much………………..can i contact u for further help???
    my e mail id is

  3. Vic

    Is there source code download of your code?

  4. Ronny

    I’ll look into it, Vic. It’s been a while since I recorded this tutorial. I might still have the files somewhere. 🙂

  5. Thomas

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, it helped me alot to get started with red 5. Have now installed it on Windows, Linux and that horrible Apple thingie, works every time.

    Good Game

  6. Dennie

    Thanks for a clear, educational and entertaining tutorial. After days of trying to create an application, I was finally successful with your help. You made my day!!

  7. Ronald

    Thank you so much for this very neat tutorial. I finally be able to start developing red5 after searching so long. I’m testing on windows platform and soon port to linux thanks again 🙂

  8. Luciana

    Really great tutorial. Thanks for clearing the clouds surronding starting out with Red5. Lots of old tutorials point to wrong directions.

    I’m running it on Windows, so to who it might concern, a few tips I head to gatter around while following this tutorial:

    1- After installing it using the windows installer, make sure you delete “com.springsource.slf4j.juli-1.6.1.jar” and “com.springsource.slf4j.log4j-1.6.1.jar” from de Red5’s lib folder, otherwise you won’t even be able to get started.

    2- You’ve got to edit your red5-debug.bat and red5-shutdown.bat files. They come without the “” needed to work properly. So where it says %RED5_HOME%\red5.bat, change to “%RED5_HOME%\red5.bat”.

    3- Make sure your Red5 service isn’t set to start automatically by windows services (you can set that in the administrative tools > services). If you don’t do that, you will get your eclipse all confused on what instance is running and also get some binding problems with the port. Before realising that I got a JVM-Bind problem, changed the port but still got my debugging all screwed up, wouldn’t print my console logs nor stop at breakpoints. Making sure windows service wasn’t running automaticaly fixed the issue.

    Hope this helps someone to save a few hours.

  9. Ronny

    Hi Luciana!

    Thanks so much for your input! I bet you any money many Windows users have tried this and run into some problems which they couldn’t fix!
    Thanks for going the extra mile and sharing it with them!
    You rock!

  10. alberto

    It´s a pitty that you dont have any kind of system for micro-donations like flattr or so, because I will definitely give you some cash for this great job.

    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial. It is an outstanding tutorial!

    • Ronny

      Hi Alberto!

      Thanks for your massively kind words. Don’t worry about donating stuff. Your appreciation is the most important thing to me. I hope you (or your friends/colleagues/students/etc) were able to get started with Red5. Feel free to share your cool stuff once it’s ready to show! That would totally make my day 🙂

      Reply (in reply to alberto)
  11. Lee Blake


    I have installed an older version of red5 on my vps that is as far as I have got as there are no further tutorials available do any one know of any tutorials that may be available to install an updated version on a debian vps I am really struggling with this if there are no tutorials any one fancy helping me out trying to get a live streaming server active so our stormchaser members can stream there live chases

    My contact email is


  12. Sreekanth

    That is excellent. Really helpful.. Thank You…..

  13. Jake

    Found your tutorial after digging around. As someone very unfamiliar with Eclipse and java development, this video made it easy to get started. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this.

  14. Ashok Subedi

    I did it all. But on new Environment, I don’t have any option for Infrared5. Am I missing someting? Please help.
    I’m using Windows 8, 64-bit. My eclipse is Indigo, 32-bit.

  15. Adam Findlay

    Hey man,

    Just wanted to say this guide was an awesome help. The documentation for red5 really is lacking and I applaud your efforts.


  16. alex

    great stuff thank you man you saved my life

  17. Mike

    Ronnie, thanks for the tutorial. I have downloaded the latest trunk for Red5 and the server runs well including most of the demos. Getting the Eclipse plugin to work following the instructions in your video fails currently though. The main issue appears to be that in your demo there is a Jar (red5.jar) in the server download directory. In the current version of Red5 (1.02) there is no red5.jar but instead red5-server.jar and red5-server-bootstrap.jar.

    I was curious, due to the changes in the server jar packaging since you recorded this video if you might know is the plugin still working? When I follow your steps after completion of a new Dynamic Web Project the non-“client” project stub reports the error:
    The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for org.red5.server.api.IScope. Fix the build path then try again.

    Thanks for any help you can render, currently I can’t seem to get the Eclipse plugin to work because of this error. Cheers.


  18. Ronny

    I’m not aware of what’s going on with Red5 currently. I’m not actively developing for it anymore too. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much at this point. But I remember the site having a great forum. Feel free to give it a run!

  19. Suyash Soni

    please help me guys. I’m using red 5 1.0 on windows 8 and i’m not able to start the service i’m getting the error that- “windows can not start the service. for more information review the system event log. and if this is non-microsoft version than contact to your vendor.”

  20. Ioanna

    Ronny thank you very much for your special tutorial.
    I followed your instructions but when I debuged the application console didn’t appear the application msgs. Could you know what I am doing wrong?

    • Ronny

      I’m afraid I haven’t used Red5 for a long time anymore. I haven’t got an immediate idea of what might be wrong. I hope you were able to figure it out already. Good luck in the future. Take care.

      Reply (in reply to Ioanna)
  21. Artur

    Thank you very much for this Tutorial. Im new to Red5 and i was searching for hours to get usefull Tutorials and then i find urs and it was the first that helped me.

  22. Max

    Ronny – thank you so much for this video. A MASSIVE help and extremely easy to follow. Worked flawlessly the first time by following your directions. Much appreciated.


  23. Sanjeev

    Thanks for your tutorial.
    1. In server application you have started the server @ 5080 port. But in your client application no port is specified, just you have mentioned rtmp://localhost/red5Awe. Is the port not required?
    2. I am not familiar with flex and flash applications. How to check the server app.

    Thanks, your video is very helpful to me.

    • Ronny

      Hi Sanjeev,

      The serverport that I use to go to the website is the port of the Red5 built-in webserver.
      In the client application I refer to the RTMP protocol because that’s the live connection your app makes with the Red5 server. The RTMP protocol runs on port 1935. The protocol dictates which port the use (unless you use a custom port for some reason).

      I’m not sure what you mean with your second question 🙂

      Reply (in reply to Sanjeev)
  24. Sanjeev

    Thanks for your response,
    I want to know is there any way other than flash client. (like ping to some port to display connected and disconnected messages)
    Anyway, meanwhile, i have tried it with flash script and it works !
    Really thanks.

    • Ronny

      The only way I ever did it was by watching the console in Eclipse. You could of course connect to an external app and send messages to it upon connection/disconnection of clients. But that’s just another app you’d have to build 😉

      Reply (in reply to Sanjeev)
  25. Ian

    Your AMAZING! Muchas gracias! You have probably saved me a days worth of picking around sparse documentation. Now I can get on with developing…

  26. tarun

    You made my day! Thanks a lot !


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