First impressions of DJI Osmo

A few weeks ago I bought a DJI Osmo; It’s a fancy 4K camera with a gimbal setup. Until yesterday, I didn’t really have a chance to give it a good run. I went for a quick meeting with Hannes and afterwards we broke out my BoostedBoard and EvolveBoard and went for a quick trip through the city. I was able to capture some nice shots.

My first impression of the DJI OSMO is a good one. It has a few flaws:

  1. The microphone is absolute crap (DJI knows this and has issued free microphones for everyone who bought an Osmo).
  2. The wifi network doesn’t always show up on my iPhone right away but once you have it running, it’s reliable.
  3. The trigger button is  a bit iffy. Sometimes it doesn’t give you the feedback you ask from it.

Besides from that, the camera is fairly epic.

  1. 4K recording; and the image is proper!
  2. The footage is stable. It’s really uncanny.
  3. The interface of the app is powerful.
  4. The handle feels great; the weight is no issue at all.
  5. The analog directional pad is massively intuitive.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.44.35

I will be putting this thoroughly through its paces in the coming weeks and share more insights. If you’re considering buying a gimbal setup, I can highly recommend this. It’s not what you’d call cheap but for an all-in-one 4K-smooth-shooting-rig, I wouldn’t call it expensive either.

More to come on this soon!
PS: If you’re interested in a review of the BoostedBoard or the EvolveBoard: I will have a video up of a side-by-side review of these soon. Watch this space!


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