Experimenting at new levels

I have been experimenting around a lot in the past year. I have run into all kinds of limits when experimenting and where most of those experiments stopped, this one actually started off… The limit I’m referring to is not the most regular one: The rotation of the earth in space.

I wanted to capture startrails. Startrails are basically the same as trailing lights from a passing car at night. The only difference is that the trailing light is coming from about 7 million lightyears (or any random that makes it sound more dramatic) away and it takes about 15 minutes to actually spot movement.

I went out twice in one night just to shoot some pictures. Once, just to be sure I actually would be able to capture startrails and once for the money-shot. The result?


Around the world

Up there

Personally my favorite is the second one because it show so much more than just the stars. Although I’d prefer to actually capture a longer timeframe next time. Unfortunately right now it’s impossible to do so because it’s cloudy all day, so if the weather gods would please do me a favor: Summer please, 28°C, no clouds and piss off. Thank you very much!

Once I get my head around this a bit more I’ll probably write down the outlines on how I actually did this… I won’t right now because it just felt like I was doing it all wrong and got very lucky to get this kind of promising results 😉

Let me know what you think, and which one you like best!


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  1. Florian

    2nd one for sure! I’ve been using it as a wallpaper since you twittered the links to your pictures 😉

    Although if I had to choose one for color-sake, I’d definitely take the third one!

  2. luuk

    cool to see our movement in space visualized this way,
    we want longer intervals! 😛

  3. BD

    I like the first one! The way the light falls on the horse… I have this feeling that some big tanks can come running him over any moment like in Red Alert! 😀


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