Dooodls for everyone!

Wordpress logo A few days ago I presented the Dooodle application I built. You guys created some cool doodles and I totally love it!

But it’s still an independent application hacked into WordPress using basic widget.Β  That means I can’t just share the code so you can use it too on your website (since you’ll have to set up a database, fill in config files, etc… Boring stuff). So yesterday I decided to compact this into a handy WordPress plugin.
And this is what I did: I give you Dooodl!

[UPDATE] Mark asked me to share the source of the Dooodl Creator App, so I did πŸ˜‰ Feel free to send me links to your own creator. I might add different creators to the plugin, and let you choose in the WP-admin which one you’d like your visitors to use πŸ™‚

Plugin page:
Direct download:
Dooodl Creator source (Flash Builder Beta): Click

If you install it, feel free to drop me a line. Feel free to post the url to your blog as well. I’d be happy to see who’s using it and what people are drawing πŸ™‚

(And yes: If you find any bugs, do post them as comment underneath πŸ˜‰ )

Have fun!


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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  1. Mark

    NICE! Great job! Is it possible to have the flash source of the doodle-creator too, to create my own doodle-app?

  2. Ronny

    Sure! I should let you know the code’s a mess though :p
    Will edit this post in a minute πŸ˜‰

  3. Ronny

    Added the Dooodl Creator source πŸ™‚ Happy coding!

  4. oorch

    Doodle is now LIVE on my site πŸ˜‰

  5. Mark

    Cool shit πŸ˜€ If I have time I’d like to create a mini generative art doodle app thing.

  6. Ronny

    @Oorch: Cool! I sent you some happiness πŸ˜‰

    @Mark: I was expecting that! Looking forward to seeing it in action!

  7. sane

    this plugin is great!
    but, on my page for some reason, after drawing, the doodle is not submitted to my webspace or to the database.
    maybe you got a hint for me
    thx in advance

  8. Ronny

    Which version of the plugin is installed? Since when? Can you give me a link to the blog?

  9. sane

    at the moment this is just a first test blog. thank you for your help ;D

  10. Laura

    I think I have the same problem. My doodle just never saves. I left it up there, made coffee, came back and it was still trying to save my doodle. I like this idea. Hope to get it working. I just uploaded version 8. See there is a 9 already. Will give it a try.

  11. Ronny

    Hey Sane and Laura.
    I just noticed there’s a Dooodl plugin topic on the wordpress site. That’s what reminded me you guys were reporting serious issues. I thought those were fixed with the 1.0.9 update, but apparently I’m confusing some people.

    Let me ask you guys a few questions: Do you use the standard WP-folder-setup? Or did you move your wp-content folder? Or is the wp-admin folder not in the default place? (I haven’t taken those kinds of changes into account (yet) so do let me know if you changed something)

    Did the plugin EVER work? yes? Which version was the last one you installed and worked?

    Did you see any error messages? Which ones? Did you see any error_logs? Which ones?

    How did you install the plugin? Did you upload the files to the server yourself? Or did you you the plugin manager to add a new plugin (so wordpress downloaded the zip, and installed the plugin)

  12. Printer

    This is really great ! I love it.. its fun. It works good here. I’m testing it on my new domain were I want to migrate to. Some possible feature options could be to delete some images manualy bij the admin maybe.. or some sort of admin management options for the images (email verification optional or admin aproval or something )… To manage obscene drawings or whatever. But hey.. its already good. Thanks!

  13. Ronny

    It’s coming πŸ˜‰ Slow but surely πŸ˜‰

  14. Printer

    Great πŸ™‚

  15. erica

    Hi! the widget is cool. I am having an issue though… Ive added the shadowbox js and when the images come up it goes to 404 error . Can you help with this. Site is

  16. Ronny

    Hi Erica, I just went to check out your site, and the plugin seems to be working pretty good. Let me know if you still experience problems πŸ™‚

  17. Calinh

    hello dooodl is so nice but it doesn’t work it on my website ! i don’t understand ! i can”t save my pictures !!! πŸ™

  18. Omer Rosenbaum

    I uploaded the plugin and got an error massage saying there is a missing header. Know something about it?

  19. Ina

    Hi Ronny,

    I have a problem with the doodle archive, because it’s not showing the created doodle’s but just grey blocks. Any idea what could be wrong?

  20. Ina

    Hi Ronny, my doodle archive is showing grey blocks instead of the doodles my visitors created. How can I fix this?

  21. Ronny

    @Omer: I haven’t heard of the problem yet. You uploaded the plugin using FTP, i guess? You didn’t install it using the WP plugin installer? You might wanna give that a try.

    @Ina: I’ve found the error. I’m updating the plugin asap. No worries. Great site you’ve got there btw. I love Matthew Perry!

  22. Omer Rosenbaum

    Works like magic.

  23. Ronny

    Thx Omer!
    @Ina: I updated the plugin. It should be reflected online sometime soon. (1.0.11)

  24. Brian

    WordPress 2.8.6 appears to have an issue with 1.0.12 – It throws a javascript error in IE, but doesn’t seen to cause any major problems…The error is “Object Expected”, referencing “jQuery(window).ready(testForAutoload);”..I know that is pretty generic though…

  25. Tammy

    Hi Ronny,

    Thanks for this great plugin!
    One question: Is it possible to change the way the doodles are displayed? By clicking on the link I get a full-screen window, but I like it the way the doodles on your page show up.

    • Ronny

      You’re completely right! I should really take the time to add options where you’re allowed to choose different kinds of settings for the different aspects of the plugin. This is another great suggestion! Will take this with me for future development πŸ˜‰

      Reply (in reply to Tammy)
  26. martin

    I installed your great fun tool πŸ™‚
    little question: is there a way to delete an unwanted dooodl? if yes, can someone tell me how? thanks for answering to my mail.

  27. AB

    I can’t seem to get Dooodl to work on miy site. It shows with an error in the image part and it takes up tons of space in the sidebar below it. Can you help me?

  28. Ronny

    Hi AB,

    Could you check (using an ftp client) if the following file is where this URL states it should be?
    Is it possible that you haven’t got an ‘uploads’ folder in that place?

    The other thing I noticed is that your site/server doesn’t recognize ‘index.php’, ‘index.html’ as default pages in a folder.
    For example:
    should be

    should be

    I think the error you’re getting is due to the above.

  29. Mike

    Hi! Is there a way to let people VOTE / RATE doodles?

  30. Ronny

    I’m actively planning on implementing that feature πŸ˜‰
    If you have other requests/suggestions, feel free to post them! I’m more than happy with any kind of feedback I can get πŸ˜‰

  31. BjΓΆrn

    Hi Ronny!
    Thanks for this awesome plugin.
    It takes some time to get it running, but I solved the problem.
    If you have “wp-touch” running as a plugin in wordpress, it won’t work.
    I deactivated the wp-touch plugin and cleaned my .htaccess file & bammmm its working.

    Thanks again.


  32. Ronny

    Hm, I’d say it’s because of your .htaccess… Did you have some special rules?
    (The reason I’m suggesting this is because I have WP-touch running myself πŸ˜‰ )

  33. BjΓΆrn

    I’ll show you, what I’ve deleted in the .htaccess file:
    php_value include_path ‘xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.xx/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/wptouch’ — NOW THE .htaccess looks like the one wordpress created.
    That’s all I did! I hope it helped.


  34. Ronny

    Weird. I just checked my .htaccess file, and there’s no such line in it. Would you know why that line is in there? (Maybe your WP-touch version?)

  35. Ina

    Hi Ronny,
    Is it possible to have two doodle plugins on different parts of one site? Or is there too much code involved to accomplish that?

  36. Elkana

    Good evening! For the website I’m using your Doodle plugin. But when I insert the widget the whole layout is f*cked up (sorry for the bad word :P) Under the widget the page splits so that the rest of the sidebar is on the left side and its a big mess πŸ™ How can I get it right? ‘Cause I like the Doodle-i-doo a lot!

    Greetings from Holland

  37. Schalk Joubert

    Love the plugin and looking forward to future updates – so many things one can do!
    How can i delete certain doodles / images which i feel is not appropriate?
    many thanks

  38. Schalk Joubert

    I looked in the plugin folder, and there is no jpgs saved besides the default one.
    Also I’d like to change the text in my widget, to tell people what type of doodle they should try to draw.
    many thanks

  39. Ronny

    Hi Schalk!
    The saved doodles are in the wp-content/uploads/ folder πŸ˜‰ You’ll know where to look from there πŸ˜‰

    I really should find some time to implement some features.
    I’ve got a serious line up of features planned. I just need to find some time to implement them.

    I’m glad you like it so far!

  40. Matt Crosbie

    My doodles dissappeared all of a sudden. None in gallery view and none in doodle folder. What can I do and how can I prevent in the future?

  41. Mette

    Have the same problem as Sane and Laura.

    My doodle just never saves.

    Do you use the standard WP-folder-setup? YES
    Did the plugin EVER work? NO
    Did you see any error messages? NO?
    How did you install the plugin? Did you upload the files to the server yourself? Or did you you the plugin manager to add a new plugin (so wordpress downloaded the zip, and installed the plugin) BOTH

    Did you ever come up with a solution to this problem?

  42. guyus24

    Hi, really nice application you have there, i was wondering when there would be another version come out. please email me

  43. AB

    Hi Ronny
    Thanks for the feedback. It’s been a whil but now I was interested in getting the Dooodl to work again after leaving it be.

    I checked the folders you mentioned in the last reply to me, and it seems like I have the all and that I have an uploads folder in the place you menion.

    I still can’t get it to work?

    Can you help me?

  44. Wim

    Ik vind het een geweldige plugin Ronny. Ik kan alleen nog steeds de doodles niet bewaren. Ik gebruik de laatste versie van wordpress.
    Enig idee??

  45. Ronny

    Hey Wim,

    Ik wou net even de plugin op je site debuggen (deze die je hier opgegeven hebt als homepage) maar die lijkt niet meer geinstalleerd te zijn?
    Ik zou je graag helpen, maar zonder de plugin installatie kan ik niet zien wat er misloopt πŸ˜€ (je moet de widget niet in de sidebar zetten. Gewoon plugin installeren en activeren in wp-admin)

    Laat weten als ik nog eens moet kijken πŸ™‚

  46. AB

    Hi Ronny,
    Can’t get the widget to save the doodles even though I’ve tried changing the permissions of the dooodls folder in the uploads folder.

    I get an error 404, when I make a doodle and when looking in the folder afterwards nothing is saved. Also I have installed Shadowbox, but still I get the big dooodl window opening in a new tag.

    It has never worked on my site, as you can see I have asked you before. I would really like it to work, since it’s a great widget, that compliments my sites content great.

    I have the latest version of WP installed.


  47. Mark


    I have investigated the ‘not saving’ (cycling icon near the Save button) issue some more, and I may have found a solution, at least it works for me. There was a pointer on this page:

    The solution seems to be to change a setting in a specific gateway.php file, I quote:

    in my case, the Gateway.php file in

    in Doodle 1.1.1, the above function was on line 354.

    When I changed this, the doodle would save and give the end message of ‘Thank you – that’s a pretty cool doodle!’, and the doodle appeared in the uploads folder as well as in the database.

    Hope this helps; I will copy this message into the forum as well.

    Now to solve a conflict with another plugin, WordPress Access Control.. oh well


  48. Mark

    allright, the quote didn’t come through. Here it is (from

    I detected that you also have to change in:
    //function disableStandalonePlayer($value = true) {
    function disableStandalonePlayer($value = false) {
    It was my experience that you have to change it here and nowhere else!!

  49. Ronny

    Hi Mark,

    Wow, good catch! I’l refer to this if anybody else ever comes by with this problem again!
    I’m mighty excited to see if this is going to fix the problem for everyone else πŸ™‚

    About the other problem: Are you having a conflict with Dooodl and another plugin?
    If so: let me know. I should be able to fix this asap πŸ˜‰

  50. Mark

    And the problem of the widget not showing up in the frontend may be due to the fact that in ‘Dooodl settings’ the template is empty by default – if you don’t enter text here you don’t see the widget in the frontend. I just click ‘Restore Default’ and hey presto!

  51. Ronny

    Hi AB!

    I just checked out your site and noticed the folder for the doodls doesn’t exist:

    Create it via FTP and try saving a dooodl again. It should be ok then.

    Good luck!

  52. Mark

    Hey Ronny,

    thanks for the quick response! I’m having trouble with the combination Dooodl and WordPress Access Control

    If I have that plugin activated, Dooodl does not save at all, not in the uploads folder and not in the database. Without that plugin it saves (even before I solved the ‘hang on save’ problem).

    The plugin appears on a page that is access controlled so that it is for members only. I’m putting up a testsite in a few days, please email me if you would like to test on that, I’ll send you account details.


  53. AB

    Hi Ronny,

    Thanks! But that’s my point. There is a folder by that name, and It is placed i the Uploads folder. And it’s permissions are open. But some how I can’t save my doodles anyway.

  54. Ronny

    @Mark: Ah, I see… That problem is probably caused by the ACL plugin (due to it’s nature of controlling access of users… Dooodls are saved by the ‘guest’ of a blog… The plugin probably doesn’t allow this kind of behavior…)

    I have a busy schedule for the months to come (i’m currently in the middle of moving) so I won’t be able to explore and try to fix the conflict. Maybe during the summer (july/august)

    Maybe try another ACL plugin? I know there’s a few out there… Maybe they work as good but don’t stop dooodl from working… (just a guess)

  55. Ronny

    @AB: I just sent you an email πŸ˜‰

  56. AB

    Now it’s working. I checked it again. Created a new folder with the same name. Deleted the old. and BAM…working! Thanks Ronny!

  57. Ronny

    @AB: That’s great news!
    Enjoy! Hope you have lots of cool doodls soon! πŸ™‚

  58. AB

    Didn’t get the email though!? πŸ™‚

  59. Mark


    thanks for the info concerning my ACL problem. If I would want to experiment with the plugin to change its credentials to something other than ‘guest’, do you have any pointers where to start?

    Another approach would be for me to fiddle with the access rights on the database table and uploads folder, any quick thoughts on that?

    I’ll keep you informed, good luck with the moving and all..


  60. Mark

    Hi Ronny,

    you were right – the wordpress plugin doesn’t play nicely together with the plugin WordPress Access Control, but it works perfectly together with the plugin Simple Access Control.


  61. Ronny

    Hi Mark,

    That’s good news… I think. Does this new access control plugin do what you want? Or did you have to make compromises?

    Good to hear you were able to find a substitute though!

  62. Mark

    Yeah, it’s sufficient for now. WordPress Access Control allows very fine grained control over pages and posts – but I just needed to hide pages for non-logged in users, which Simple Access Control does just fine.

    Also, I use the plugin Widget Logic to hide widgets for non-logged in users – works perfectly with Dooold too.


  63. Shaloam Wren

    I created a doodle and approved it and the comment appears in the sidebar but no doodle? Whats happened? Please help.

  64. Bella

    I need to embed into my site using shortcode…. is that available please?


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