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8jjkWhen Dorien and I were in Denmark, back in June, we stayed at a bed & breakfast. Before leaving we signed the guestbook. That made me think back of the days when I had a guestbook on my site. I remember building tons and tons of those things. The more I kept thinking about this, the more I started to realize I really liked it back then. And to be honest: I still love the idea of a random visitor leaving you a message… However, a good old fashioned ‘guestbook’ is kinda ‘out’…

I have been thinking about this for some time. A few weeks ago I was browsing Kris‘ site and found the answer to this guestbook-problem in the sidebar: A Doodle-wall. He allows his visitors to draw a little doodle and save it to the sidebar. Better yet: He built a history-browser too which allows you to browse all doodles through time.

I loved the idea and the philosophy behind this and went to build my own. I just finished the first part of Dooodl (this is the name of the official WordPress plugin coming out sometime soon 😉 ) and it’s already running in the sidebar! Feel free to test it and save some doodles! If you run into any kind of bugs or unpleasant problems, let me know!
Feel free to drop me a line, whatever the reason might be: Bugreport, suggestions or the good old ‘I iz serious cat! I can haz hamburger, not guestb00k!

Draw your own: Click!
View all of them using the (temporary) History Viewer: Click!


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  1. Mark

    Yeah great idea!

    I miss some anti-aliasing in tools.


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