Dooodl V2 released

It took almost an entire year of on-and-off but it’s finally here: Dooodl V2 has been released. I worked on it every few weeks and it took lots of testing, optimizing and fixing bugs.

This update is a huge rewrite of the internals and comes with a lot of cleanup and restructure. This is supposed to enable for more flexible updates in the future. A lot of feature requests have been brought up in the past: Random Dooodl in the sidebar, likes & faves, slider/carousel setups for the sidebar, linking Dooodls to authors, new brushes, larger canvas, … The list just keeps on going.

Dooodl Post Type

So what changed you ask? Well, for starters: Dooodls are now no longer data in a non-WordPress-core table. They are a first-class WordPress citizen and live as a post type in the wp_posts table. This makes it possible for other people to build plugins on this post type without relying on the state of the database tables. This also makes it more effecient since we now rely on the WordPress core to grab Dooodls. The images themselves are now also part of the WordPress core. This makes it possible to back them up since WordPress now sees the images as attachments which makes them a dependency of the site. Last but not least: We can now request image resizes when required. This makes for faster delivery and a better page speed.

New options panel

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 19.50.09

The options panel has been replaced by a Redux Panel. Not only is that better looking but more organized and more powerful and straight forward for both the user ( = you) and the developer ( = me).

New management page

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 13.51.41

The previous Dooodl management page was something I hacked together myself. However WordPress has an entire system in place to browse, filter and bulk-update posts. I have rebuilt the management page using those features. This makes it more straight forward to use and also makes it more robust for future updates as -once again- we rely on the WordPress core features to present data.

Edit Dooodl UI

You can now edit Dooodls. Remove profanity in messages so you can approve them or fix obvious typos. The edit-Dooodl page will look familiar to you as it’s once again a native WordPress Edit Post UI that has been updated using ACF.  This makes editing a breeze and again very robust as future updates of WordPress will not break this by accident.

New creator and gallery URL’s

Before the creator page and the gallery page were linked directly to the plugins directory. This was not very sexy to the outside world. This has now been resolved by serving the pages through the WordPress templating engine and the URL parsing engine. This means the URL’s are now ‘/dooodl/creator‘ and ‘/dooodl/gallery‘.

New WordPress Admin Dashboard Widget

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 14.18.49

You can now add a Recent Dooodls widget to your WordPress Admin dashboard. It shows the latest Dooodls. This can be helpful for when you have a lot of new Dooodls coming in and you want a quick heads-up when you log in to your WP-admin.


Yes, that’s in fact a real word: Internationalization. WordPress has built-in functions for translation. All text strings in the plugin have now been wrapped in these translation functions. This means you can translate the plugin to your liking. If you feel like translating Dooodl: The text-domain of the labels is ‘dooodl‘.

Migration Manager

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 22.37.06

Seen as the old Dooodl plugin came with a table and the new one doesn’t work with that table, there needs to be a migration. This is a fairly lengthy process, especially if you have many Dooodls. This is where the migration manager comes in. It moves 10 Dooodls from the external table to a post type at at time. It updates the images and registers them in the database. Once the migration of the table is done, the old table is removed and you no longer have to worry about this.

Problems? Features? Questions?

If you’re using the plugin: go get the new version and let me know how you like it. If you encounter problems, let me know in the support forum.

If you’re not sure what some of the feature should do or how some things work, feel free to let me know. I’ll make sure to update the plugin so everything is a bit more self-explanatory.

If you have feature requests, please let me know about them either in the support forums or in the comments.


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