Chance of a lifetime


Chance of a lifetime“, “change of heart“, “who am I?“, “What would you do?“… All valid titles for the story and discovery I’m about to share with you.

I left my previous digital-related job at Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels back in October. I left with serious doubts if I wanted to keep doing work in the digital/advertising industry. I started off as a freelancer but soon got a job at a local Apple store. It seemed like a great opportunity to do something non-advertising and just have fun at work. I took it and enjoyed it very much. Great people, interesting challenges. Fun.

Back in January however, a friend of mine posted a job opportunity on my Facebook page. He knows some recruiters looking for people to fill some interesting positions at several agencies. Apparently this time around, a big agency was looking to hire a Flash Producer with DoubleClick experience for about a year. In Abu Dhabi. I wanted to dismiss this post and forget about it. I mean: I can’t go to Abu Dhabi for a year. I have a girlfriend here! And my friends. This is crazy! However it stuck in my head…

A year in Abu Dhabi. Creating nothing but cool Flash work. I have worked with DoubleClick before to create a homepage takeover on for an anti-smoking campaign. There was tons of great stuff one could do with DoubleClick. It started to dawn on me that this might be a something different. Something I might at least need to consider. I gave the agency a call to ask for more information. Quickly this turned into a negotiation about budgets, location and what kind of appartement I was looking for in Abu Dhabi.

I started talking about this to my friends, colleagues and my girlfriend. The thing that surprised me most was that almost all of them expected me to actually go: “This is something that has your name written all over it“. I was still confused and trying to make up my mind. Sometimes it even kept me awake at night. I would get up in the middle of the night and stare out of the window of our apartement. I asked myself: “Why not? Why not take a leap of faith? This would be a fantastic adventure… Right? Right.

I had come to a decision: I agreed to go. I wanted to go. For a whole year, I’d leave everything behind -friends, family, girlfriend- and go produce some amazing Flash work in Abu Dhabi. I was totally excited! I called the agency to confirm I would take the job. Then they told me about the volume of Flash work I’d be doing: Creating about 5000 banners.
I expected about 10-20 projects over the duration of my time over there. I expected cool and creative campaigns. It was clear that the ‘cool and creative‘ part of the job was out of the window. At that point I lost interest and cancelled the job.

I lost interest but most importantly, I had full understanding of why I lost my interest in it. Yea, living in Abu Dhabi for a year would’ve been insanely cool but the thing about this job that really got my attention was the ‘creating cool shit‘-part.
Creating stuff that blows your mind. That was it. That is it. The dream. My dream. My ambition. My purpose.

While I still wonder what life in Abu Dhabi might be like, I’m more certain than ever what I want to do with my life and what my next step is: I’m actively looking for a new job as a frontend hacker/developer and/or motion graphics designer. I’m motivated and full of energy, ready to prove that ‘impossible is impossible‘. I have a passion for Javascript and Actionscript. I also like toying around with PHP, NodeJS, Red5, Kinect and Arduino. Sometimes I also hack other stuff when they find their way into my path. When the chance presents itself, I take on video and 3D motion graphics projects. They’re always great fun.

So… Time for a conclusion. I love to create and hack things and I pretty much rock when I’m at the keys.
Check my portfolio for work and my blog for other experiments, then get in touch. And preferably: Hire me 😉
If you’re interested: Feel free to get in touch with me via I’d love to come by your office and talk about creating cool shit.


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Ronny is a freelance frontend developer with a wild passion for creativity and a relentless hate against flat design. Ronny spent years as a Flash developer before moving to HTML5 and rediscovering fun and happiness.

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