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Meet Metroplex!

Like many front-end developers, I've found that I could actually harness the power of my computer to actually do stuff for me. Grunt.JS does all kinds of stuff and tasks for me while I go about the business of actually building stuff. I've built my own setup and shared it on Github!

Pulling the plug on Preso

[shadowed_600 img=””]Preso – You do the talking[/shadowed_600] I have been using Red5 to realtime video/audio streaming apps ever since I started building things with Flash. It’s been more than 10 years by now and what a spectacular time it has been. However, all good things come to an...

My first thoughts on the #everyday’s

[shadowed_600 img=”×576.jpg”]My first thoughts on everydays[/shadowed_600] Exactly 2 weeks ago today, I started by creating so-called everydays. The idea was to create 1 frame in Cinema4D every day to explore new territory, improve my skills and push my creativity. When I first started I was very unsure whether...