Category: Development

Why would I trust you?

With the rise of XAAS (Something-as-a-service) over the past decade, we’ve seen opportunities rise out of any niche you can think of. From Basic invoice-systems to entire infrastructure and platforms that you can just ‘get’ for a few bucks whenever you feel you require them. I used to...

Dooodl V2 released

It took almost an entire year of on-and-off but it’s finally here: Dooodl V2 has been released. I worked on it every few weeks and it took lots of testing, optimizing and fixing bugs. This update is a huge rewrite of the internals and comes with a lot...

Meet Metroplex!

Like many front-end developers, I've found that I could actually harness the power of my computer to actually do stuff for me. Grunt.JS does all kinds of stuff and tasks for me while I go about the business of actually building stuff. I've built my own setup and shared it on Github!