Bezier animation fun revisited

A few months ago I experimented with Bezier Animation and allthough I uploaded my SWF files and shared them, I never really shared the source. This is what I wanted to do a few days ago when I thought “Oh, what the hell… Let’s clean that code up before uploading it…”.

So I started moving some code around and after a few minutes, I found myself rewriting the whole thing… That’s not a bad thing since now we’ve got one handy class that can do about just everything a Bezier Animator should be able to do. 🙂
Demo time!

Bezier Animation Demo

There’s still a little bug somewhere which allows the target to ‘run away’ from the bezier, and I haven’t gotten quite to the root of the problem, but I really felt I had to share this. Also there are some imperfections when you disable the orientToPath and scaleByPath properties. I will look into fixing those asap.

I really love the idea of animation movieclips using bezier curves. It looks so natural and yet zo intriguing… I will do some experiments and upload them later on, showing the coolness behind this simple animation engine.

Download the above demo source (Flash Builder 4 project): Click
Download the BezierAnimatioin class: Click


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  1. Duncan Beevers

    This is really intriguing. I’ve been looking for a good path-building / animating tool and this seems to be a step in the right direction.


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