Apple and Samsung are looking for the perfect Pepsi.

And they’re wrong. They should be looking for the perfect Pepsis. Some of you might already see where this is coming from and you’re right: This is a quote from Malcolm Gladwell’s talk about spaghetti sauce. (In other news, I just managed to name Apple, Samsung, Pepsi and spaghetti sauce in just 1 sentence and it all still makes perfect sense.)

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Apple, Samsung and their respective fanboys seem to be fighting over who’s got the best smartphone; The smartphone that works for every single person. However -at least- the fanboys should be arguing about who’s got the best deal for him- or herself. If you have an Android device that does exactly what you need and makes you happy, then you made a great deal!

I myself am a very happy iPhone user. I have friends that use Android and they’re happy too. There is no “one size fits all” in smartphones. People are different: Different taste, different budgets, different lifestyle, etc. You can’t produce one single device that serves all these different people and makes them equally happy. And that’s okay.


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