Friday 10 May, 2013

A quick idea for a Google Glass experiment

Google Glass

So… Google Glass seems to be getting traction. Experiments, experiences, apps, reviews popping up left and right. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. I think it looks pretty goofy but I’m intrigued by the potential.

Anyway: I read about this guy going to a Justin Timberlake concert wearing Glass and the first thing that popped into my mind was “first-person livestream“. Times thousands.

Many people have heard me ramble about the mis-use of #hashtags on Facebook, websites, ads, Tumblr blogs and whatnot. However #hashtags would make sense in a Glass Livestream context. Just imagine the possibilities: Having a website that groups all Glass Livestreams. You just search for some event’s #hashtag and then experience the event from any angle you want

Since I don’t have Glass, I can’t build and experiment with it. So, who wants to build this? ;-)

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