Tuesday 25 February, 2014

I am the greatest

screenshot_ 2014-02-25 at 23.49.39

I have an allnighter coming up and I feel pretty exhausted. It’s been a rough few weeks but the end is near. At least for a day or two. Anyway, to motivate myself I dug up these 2 video’s from my Vimeo Likes and I thought I’d share them with you since I’m pretty sure [...]

Wednesday 05 February, 2014

HTML5 Dooodling is now a fact


Well, in my 2013-roundup, I made a sweeping declaration I would build an HTML5 version of the Dooodl creator by the end of January. As I had a bit too much client work, I didn’t quite make it by the end of January. However, it’s here now! After 4 years and more than 9000 downloads [...]

Monday 03 February, 2014

Let’s evaluate 2014

Let's see...

I know, it’s only February 3rd. However, I will read this at the end of this year and see if I matched my expectations. Since I felt seriously bad about 2013, I think this is only a better chance to make 2014 so much more awesome. So what do I want to achieve in 2014? [...]

Thursday 30 January, 2014

Why I’m quitting the #everyday’s


Exactly 100 days ago, I started doing #everyday’s. Creating a render every day, beginning with an idea in Cinema4D and finishing it just a few hours later in Photoshop before publishing it to my Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest for everybody to see, judge, critique, comment and follow (but most of all, to tell me [...]

Wednesday 25 December, 2013

Don’t you want to be part of that story?


The thing about time is that it’s constantly moving. Constantly creating changes. While a year has gone by and it looks like there’s no real changes on the surface, I feel like 2013 changed just about anything there’s to change. The year kicked in with me being an Apple Sales Professional. That’s the official title [...]